Do you have any old charms that are just sitting in your jewelry box? Are you looking to restore old jewels into something new and fun?


The Hightower Collection can help you with that! We can take a piece of your jewelry and make it your own. Simply email me at thehightowercollection@gmail.com with a photo of your item and we can talk about how we can transform it into something fab. We have turned clip-on earrings into earrings with hooks, added charms to a chain and/or beads for necklace or bracelet, managed to salvage the Gucci pendants off my shoes that my dog ripped apart, and have fixed multiple favorite broken necklaces so that they can be worn again. Please see some examples below:



My mother’s charm “Mary Ellen” from 1974 mixed in with my great grandmother’s beads that are over 100 years old!


FullSizeRender (37)

David Yurman pendant on a 3 tier necklace with rose jade and gold hematite in between (first layer is a choker)!



My puppy chewed my vintage Gucci sandals so I salvaged the pendants and made it into an everyday necklace.



Matching bridesmaids earrings for a wedding in January 2017. Smokey quartz drops on gold filled hooks and gift wrap is available too!



My asking gift to my bridesmaids; chokers and champagne! Gold hematite with tiny gold hematite hearts.


FullSizeRender (36)

Customer brought this necklace to me in pieces. Restrung the entire necklace and added some flare to make it pop.


FullSizeRender (38)

This ‘Piece of Eight’ coin was originally on a bracelet but it broke, so we used the pendant in an everyday choker.



We made 27 pairs of these earrings for a wedding in Napa! Dainty quartz drops on gold filled hooks.



Key fobs for apartment building. An apartment complex employee requested if we could make a key fob look trendy and a part of their everyday wear. Labradorite and wood for males (furthest to the left) and labradorite and gold hematite in between for the females (all of the others).



A customer asked me to design a pair of earrings from an old strand of pearls for her daughter’s wedding.  Fresh water pearls, thread tassels, and gold filled hooks.


We are always looking for new projects, so please email us and lets talk about it!